Principal and key professionals educated in the United States and Hong Kong with experience ranging from private residence to apartments, schools, office buildings as well as various sorts of institutional buildings and possess skills in administrative skills, strive to implement innovative yet practical, economical and efficient design ideas

Our Service

Our comprehensive service includes site planning, architectural design, down to the very details, customized solution for each and every building.


Design grows out of the user programme, the local environment and the particularity of the site, nourished by the innovative ideas of the architects ; notion of style, contemporary or classical, not a concern but timeless ideals of space and light, scale and proportion, material and texture being the our language ; with strong attention to detailing not only to carry through the overall design concept unique to each building but to ensure a sensitive response to human scale and the end-users ; sustainability of building throughout its life cycle of great concern, from planning in response to congenial environment, choice of materials, implementation of efficient building systems, means of construction to future building management.

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